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Welcome to Sexee Lashes
Are you ready to get the most amazing eyes you’ve ever had with or without makeup? Do you want to look naturally beautiful before you even get out of bed? Would you love a custom lash application that highlights your best features? That’s what you’ll find when you get individual lash extensions.
Let us give you a spectacular new look in with lash extensions that look and feel like your own natural lashes. Because they’re semi-permanent, you’ll keep your thicker, darker lash line even when exercising or going for a swim.

Once you’ve discovered how amazing your eyes can look even before you apply your makeup, you’ll be a fan of lash extensions. Here are some other things to love about your lash extensions.
Individual lash extensions look so natural, you can claim them as your own.
You can customize the shape and style of your lash line.
Our lash technicians are artists who place individual lashes for maximum impact.
The waterproof bonding agent lasts through showers, baths and beach vacations.
With a darker, fuller lash line, you can skip makeup.
When you do wear makeup, your lashes go from gorgeous to spectacular.
Lash extensions are low-maintenance; you’ll never have to deal with glues and eyelash curlers.
Celebrities wear them, but lash extensions are affordable enough for everyone.
You won’t need a prescription or daily applications of a hair growth agent to get great lashes
You’ll spend less time getting your new lashes than you do to get your hair styled.
Come in and visit us, we are the Lash extensions specialist servicing the Las Vegas and Henderson area.
Call or Text Message 702-743-8025 today to set up an appointment.
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